American Red Cross, Monroe County Chapter

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Contact Rod Cook (Executive Director)
Phone 812-331-1300
Email redcross [at] monroe-redcross [dot] org
Address 1600 West Third
Bloomington, IN 47408

Since 1917, the Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross has provided disaster relief, services to Armed Forces, emergency preparedness and lifesaving programs to Bloomington and the surrounding communities. Today we serve residents in both Monroe and neighboring Owen County 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This congressionally-mandated service not only applies to major national tragedies but also to single-family incidents, generally fire, flood or tornadoes. Typically Red Cross responds by purchasing food, new clothing and providing shelter for families to help meet immediate emergency needs.

Blood Services-You can help the Monroe County Red Cross save lives by becoming a blood donor.

To find out where you can donate, visit or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE



Phone Fax: 812-332-2447
Incorporation Status Incorporated
Updated July 29, 2015