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In celebration of National Library Week, April 10-16, 2011, we've asked everyone in our community to write their stories about libraries and books. Read all the stories.

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by Suzanne - age 60

I walked into the library to return my huge pile of books, when all of a sudden I realized that I was looking at a an unfamiliar sight. What had happened to the library that I had been going to since I was a child? Where were all of the people that I had come to love? I roamed around the stacks of books and materials and called out for anyone to answer. Nothing. I picked up a book and it turned to dust in my hands. Fear was running through my veins now. I started running through the library, now shouting for someone to answer me. As the fear and panic increased in me, so did the unmistakable realization that I was no longer where I thought I was. I grabbed and pulled books, magazines, videos and all sorts of materials off of the shelves, and as I did, they all just turned to dust. Not heavy dust, but so light that it just floated away in the air. I then realized that not only was no one else here, in this unfamiliar place, but that I was asleep!

April 12, 2011

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