The Light-Bearer's daughter

"The Light-Bearer's Daughter" reviewed by Gina on January 8, 2008

The Light-Bearer's Daughter
O.R. Melling
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Dana’s father was taking her away from Ireland. To Canada, of all places!
Until one day, in a forest near by, she met a Lady.
A fairy queen, or an odd, homeless girl?
Whoever she was, she wants Dana to undertake a task. In return, she would be granted her heart’s desire.
Dana decides to take the quest, and embarks on an adventure bigger then she ever imagined. A creature who follows in her footsteps, trying to kill her makes it all the more difficult.

Full of Fairies, saints, magic, and lore. This isn’t a “normal” fairytale, but rather one steeped in Celtic folktales, stories from the past.
Set in modern Ireland, this is a gorgeous, haunting tale of a girl who steps forward to meet her destiny, whatever that may be.

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The Hunter's Moon, and The Summer King are a part of The Chronicles of Faerie, as is this book. All of these can be read alone, with little to no reference to past characters.

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I'd recommend this book to teens (or adults) who love fantasy, and/or Celtic folk and fairy tales.

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