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E-Reference Library

Ever wonder whether you are really getting the best info when you search Google? Does your teacher tell you NOT TO USE THE INTERNET when you do research? If the answer to these questions is yes, then try our E-Reference Library!









What is it?

Your library has always been the best place to find reliable, up to date information for research papers, assignments and general interest. We choose encyclopedias and reference books that we know will do the job and we make them easy to get to online. Our E-Reference Library is a great collection of reliable resources you can use from home. If you have a school assignment that requires looking up information on a topic, you should use our E-Reference Library.


How do you get to all this great stuff?

All you need is your library card! You can pick individual books to use, or you can just search across the entire collection. Each article or topical summary provides valuable information AND will give you the appropriate citation from the source. That's important because teachers want to know what reference books you are using and the citation will show them that you used something better than Wikipedia.


But doesn't this count as "using the Internet"?

No. The sources in the E-Reference Library are not available on the open web. These are purchased by the library for you to use. The books included in the E-Reference Library are reliable and reputable sources that have been published regularly for many years. The only difference is that you can use them online!

Morningstar Investment Research Center

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Get real-time access to comprehensive data and independent analysis on thousands of investments, spanning mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds.  Reports include analysis written by Morningstar's experts, up to 10 years of financials, bond information, ratios, SEC filings and information on insider actions and institutional holders.  You can also access daily market information, showing the day's most active stocks, complete with links to Morningstar reports on those companies.

Use the Investment Classroom to sharpen your investing skills or to learn new topics. Morningstar offers more than 100 courses on stocks, funds, and portfolio building. Each course can be completed in about 10 minutes and includes a quiz at the end.  You can also use their comprehensive suite of portfolio-planning tools to experiment with hypothetical investment strategies and to learn more about balancing investments and planning for retirement, college savings and more.

All you need to get started is your library card number! Access Morningstar's Investment Research Center any time, day or night, at the library or from the comfort of your own home. Just navigate to the research menu above Research, then click on A-Z Research Tools.

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