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ImageIt's been said that luck is simply the place where preparation meets opportunity. Thanks to the Testing & Education Reference Center, you can prepare for many of life's best opportunities FREE!

Whether you're studying for entrance exams like the ACT, SAT, or GRE, or preparing for a career in education, the military, or other private- and public-sector positions, TERC can help. Follow the links to online practice tests, ebook study guides, and helpful articles that can boost your test scores (and your confidence!).

But that's not all! TERC also offers resources like GED prep, high school placement exams, and ESL help. There are even guides to finding the right college (and paying for it), putting together a great resume, and becoming a US citizen. Click here for a list of all TERC resources

It's never too late to make your own good luck--put TERC to work for you and your family!