Research Guides


  • MCPL provides resources in print and online to assist you in making repairs to your car. And if you decide it's time to give up on making that old car run, the library has resources to help you choose a new or used car to replace the one that just won't go any farther.

  • Let the Monroe County Public library help you "Greenify" your life. Everyone is looking for ways to be more environmentally responsible, lessen our impact on the planet and perhaps save money by being green. This subject guide contains materials held at MCPL , as well as web sources and local and state organizations.

  • Monroe County Public Library is dedicated to enhancing the reading life of its community members. Book clubs are an important venue for readers to share their thoughts and feelings about books. This subject guide is designed for local book clubs to use for guidance on choosing books, creating lively discussions and making books available to members.

  • So many books, so little time.  This pathfinder will help you find  a new book by your favorite author, the next book in a series,  an author similar to your favorite author or something set in a particular location or time period.


  • Get results and stay organized with your search for your ancestors with these resources from the Indiana Room.

  • We are a Funding Information Network partner with the Foundation Center - try these resources!

  • Health and Wellness are primary concerns for a wide swath of our population.  Although everyone knows what health is, wellness is a newer term that can be defined as actively pursuing a lifestyle that includes good nutrition, stress management, and exercise.  In wellness an individual works proactively to promote his or her health rather than reacting to illness or injuries later.

  • Are you  interested in immigation and citizenship?  This subject guide will help you locate state and local organizations, materials held at MCPL, databases and web resources  that will  prepare you for becoming a United States citizen.

  • Job Search resources are collected to aid those thinking about applying for their first job, contemplating a career change, rebounding after a job loss and everything in between.  Collected here are books and websites to help in resume building, job searching, networking, writing cover letters, preparing for an interview, career exploration and much more.  Also provided are referrals to local organizations who also work to support job seekers.

  • The Library has a large collection of books and videos on gardening, garden design, landscaping, plant selection, pruning, lawn care, organic methods, composting and other related topics. This guide will help you to understand how the materials are organized at the library and it will also introduce you to reliable and authoritative sources on gardening in the community and on the Internet.

  • The library has legal self-help books on many topics including: Wills & Estates, Workplace & Employee issues, Family Law (Divorce, Custody, etc.), Bankruptcy, Small Business, Copyrights & Patents, Landlord & Tenant, Taxes and others. This guide lists online resources for researching Legal issues and a representative sample of books on various legal topics. Look for books on these topics to be shelved together at the call numbers indicated.

  • Are you looking for a place to experience some physical activity? Are you looking for some exciting spectator sports venues? This guide lists places you can leisurely explore a nature preserve, swim some laps or hike over rugged terrain. Are you more of an armchair athlete, enjoy raising your heart rate without jogging? Local amateur sports teams and Indiana University can provide some exciting moments in sports.

  • Monroe County and Bloomington have a variety of museums and other venues showcasing the history and culture of the community. From ancient archaeology to a Tibetan monastery, these museums and venues offer a look into the local past as well as other cultures.

  • Bloomington offers many opportunites to experience music. The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music offers musical productions year round that are open to the public. Many amateur and professional musical groups also perform at various venues throughout the year. Check the local newspaper for reviews, time and places for performances.

  • Monroe County and the City of Bloomington offer many and varied opportunities to enjoy plays and motion pictures. From the Indiana University Department of Theatre and Drama to professional level local theater to amateur productions, running the gamut from traditional Shakespeare to avant garde new playwrights there is always something being staged.

  • Bloomington has a rich culture of visual art, from painting, sculpture, traditional folk art, as well as many decades of varying architectural styles throughout town.The Indiana University Department of Fine Arts gives students and faculty a venue to express their arts. The venues listed in this guide are free and open to the public.

  • Senior citizens face unique and changing needs during this time in their lives. This resource guide provides a collection of information sources for all aspects of senior citizen living. The websites, books, and DVDs here provide information about health and wellness, government resources, retirement, legal concerns and many other topics of interest to seniors and their families.

Movies & Music

  • This guide helps you find resources related to all things film. There are general sources providing an overview of the history of movies, as well as more specific materials focusing on one particular aspect of film. Links to local movie showings are included as well.

  • Looking for info about your favorite tv show? Trying to find television listings or information about the history of tv? All this and more is contained in this guide of resources about television.


  • Most people know the importance of having a high school diploma or its equivalent. These days, a diploma just isn't enough -- everyone deserves the chance to have a rewarding job paying above minimum wage, and that chance depends on completing some kind of formal training program after high school. This guide contains materials held at MCPL as well as web sources and local organizations that will help to plan and prepare for, and select and fund your higher education needs. With the understanding that four-year colleges are not the best fit for everyone's high education goals, this guide covers a variety of education options, including community colleges, trade and vocational schools, four-year colleges and universities, and military training. The guide has a local and state focus, but also provides resources of education planning at programs nationwide and even abroad.